• Would you survive the Game of Thrones?

    Would you survive the Game of Thrones?

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    As the third season of HBO’s epic fantasy series ‘The Game of Thrones’ looms closer to our tv screens it got me to wondering.  ”How would I have coped in that sort of environment?”

    Let’s unpack the show for a bit.  There’s a clear divide between those with resources and those who ARE the resources.  There are megalomaniacal dictators, slippery behind the scenes schemers and plotters, those wielding visible power and those who’s power is less overt.  And then there are those with no power whatsoever!  There are those who just want to do the right thing and others who are motivated by a strong sense of purpose.  There are characters who’s primary interest is on self-fulfilment and there are those who love their jobs and station in life.  There are also those who loathe what they do and who they have to be and spend much of their time and energy trying to break free.  And then there are simply those who get caught up in it all.  Hmmm, sounds pretty much like the modern work environment to me.  Except there’s not much chance I’m going to lose my head for a minor transgression….. is there?

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