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    Do you know what your teams need from you?  It’s pretty simple really.  What teams need

    1. Purpose – a clear understanding of why they’re actually a team.
    2. Priorities – there’s always too much to do, make sure your teams know which things matter most.
    3. Roles – yep, just like a football team has players performing different roles so to does your team need role clarity.
    4. Decisions – if you’re not going to empower your team to make decisions then make sure you’re not a bottleneck holding things up.
    5. Conflict – a fully functioning team does not shy away from healthy conflict, in fact they embrace it as they know that’s where commitment and good ideas come from.
    6. Norms – members need to know the group norms for how to behave.  For instance, “How do we engage in conflict around here?”
    7. Effectiveness – no-one likes wasting their time, or having to re-do things.  A focus on efficiency is healthy.
    8. Success – look for wins, no matter how small, and celebrate them.  Watch the performance ramp up once you do.
    9. Training – this doesn’t have to be a $70k MBA.  Training can be informal and on the job.  Perhaps even get team members to train one another in their roles.

    You don’t have to be doing all of these but you do need to be doing at least some of them.  I can help you to establish each of these if you want, but you don’t need to engage an external facilitator.  Each of these topics are easily deliverable as a component of your normal team meeting.

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      Sean is an experienced coach, speaker and facilitator who is passionate about improving the relationship between people, their work and the organisations they work for. If you want to get the most out of your managers, supervisors and their teams and think that work can or should be a rewarding and enjoyable component of a productive and meaningful life it might be worth a chat.

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