• The Benefits of Engaged Employees to your Business

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    Taken from Work Force Analysis – a Business Reality Check – Profiles International, 2008

    What is an Engaged Employee?

    • Our studies found that when employees are “engaged”, they are excited and enthusiastic about the work they do and they are focused on accomplishing the task at hand.
    • They are not easily distracted and will work extra hours if that’s what it takes to complete a project.
    • They eagerly volunteer for difficult assignments, routinely producing significantly more than the job requires.
    • They also encourage co-workers to achieve higher levels of performance and seek ways to help them accomplish projects and tasks.
    • Engaged employees are proud to be members of their organizations. They are advocates of their company’s products and services and they are very likely to stay with their company.

    Competitive Advantage – a business with a highly engaged workforce has many advantages over its competitors:

    • On average, they rate 86% higher with their customers
    • They have 70% more success in lowering employee turnover
    • They are 70% more likely to have higher productivity
    • They enjoy higher profitability, have better safety records and deliver greater earnings per share to their stockholders

    The Cost of Disengaged Employees – conversely, companies that lack a workforce that is highly engaged suffer with a multitude of problems that never go away. Too often they
    surrender to their condition and accept it as the normal way to do business:

    • They tolerate excessive employee turnover, average job performance, and situations that cause conflict and stress.
    • It is estimated that employee dissatisfaction and disengagement cost American businesses between $254 billion and $363 billion every year.

    You can read more about the cost of disengagement and some of the high level solutions here.

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      Sean is an experienced coach, speaker and facilitator who is passionate about improving the relationship between people, their work and the organisations they work for. If you want to get the most out of your managers, supervisors and their teams and think that work can or should be a rewarding and enjoyable component of a productive and meaningful life it might be worth a chat.

    3 comments on “The Benefits of Engaged Employees to your Business

    1. Becky Whitworth on said:

      Ensuring that your employees are engaged – and happy – is so important! At the end of the day as an employer it’s not all about meeting the budget each quarter…of course, that’s part of it…but if you ever want to exceed mediocrity, you’ve got to have employees who care about what they’re doing. When you do, productivity increases, employee retention increases, and ultimately – profits increase!

      • Sean on said:

        Thanks Becky. There are clear linkages between engagement of workforce and financial performance eg/ Earnings per share, not just reduced costs which are harder to measure.

    2. Lucinda Maartens on said:

      With hundreds of billions of dollars going down the drain, why is it that major companies still don’t seem to get it? Of course there are notables, like Google with their work-place playgrounds, free haircuts, and even laundry facilities who DO get that happy employees stick around longer and are more productive….but every company I’ve worked for – including some fairly large ones, just don’t seem to care about the little guy or gal working for them. I have to wonder why that is…

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