• That’s not Fair!!

    That’s not Fair!!

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    I’m sure you’ve heard small children lament the fact that somethings ‘not fair’.  Perhaps you’ve even heard those words come tumbling from your adult mouth at some stage.  I know I’ve muttered them to myself… at least on the odd occasion.  ;-)

    It turns out that a sense of fairness is not confined to humans.  In fact many different species share an innate understanding of the concept of what is fair and what is not, and it’s been proven repeatedly  in experiments.  I’ve included a link to a clip for you below.  Don’t worry, no gruesome animal testing footage here.

    The footage shows two monkeys performing an equal task and receiving an unequal reward (much like the inequity that is consistently reported between male and female earnings here in Australia, and other countries around the world).  The ‘disadvantaged’ monkeys reaction is hilarious.  Check it out.

    Our sense of fairness is a pretty personal thing.  Norms, ethics, morales etc are set by groups, values are more individual and (I think) it’s personal values driving the sense of fairplay – so managers, it’s important to keep in mind not just what you think is fair, but what your employee/s think is fair also.  I’m not suggesting you will be able too, or even should try, keep everyone happy, but considering for a moment how they may perceive it could help you to make a different choice or to seek more information.

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    2 comments on “That’s not Fair!!

    1. Kirsten on said:

      That is hilarious footage and perfect analogy.

      • Sean on said:

        Isn’t it just. That monkey is NOT happy with the lesser reward. I wonder what would happen if humans behaved as transparently???

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