• Today’s Managers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders.  The world of work has changed significantly in the past 50 years and many management paradigms have failed to keep pace.

    All managers can benefit from checking in and ‘sharpening the saw’ (Dr Stephan Covey)

    Sean Reddell | Blaze Unlimited, has worked with hundreds of Managers ranging from the very experienced through to those new to the function.  Although there are common themes the specific issues each Manager is facing are as diverse as the teams and projects they are leading.  Some of the more common scenarios I’ve assisted with include:

    • Managing the behaviour of those in their teams.
    • Managing your own workload WHILE leading a team.
    • Dealing with the ‘Impostor Syndrome’ – the self belief that you’re not up to the task and you shouldn’t be there.
    • Making the transition from former team mate, to new team leader.
    • Managing difficult behaviours and conversations.
    • Priority management – what do you REALLY need to be doing?
    • Building morale.
    • Developing resilience in teams to embrace change, complexity and stress in the workplace.
    • Exerting influence in a changing environment (including managing upwards).
    • Getting to ‘Yes’ – developing negotiation skills.
    • Team-Building
    • Strategic planning and performance measurement.

    If you’ve read anything I’ve written you’ll probably know that I focus on improving employee engagement.  You can read more about that here.  The short version as to why this is important to you as a manager is this.  Engaged employees are more productive, easier to work with, are happier AND contribute more of their discretionary effort towards the goals of the organisation.  Discretionary effort is a fancy way of saying they your team will go the extra mile or above and beyond just the minimum requirements of their role.  They are invested in the businesses success.  They also take fewer sick days and remain with your organisation longer.  Would you like to have a team of engaged people working for you?  Well the good news is that as a manager you can (and do) have a SIGNIFICANT impact on their engagement.  You’re not totally responsible, but I daresay you take the lions share. You can see on the table below just how much of an impact an outstanding manager can have on their people.

    It stands to reason that if people are an organisation’s most valuable asset [and I believe they are], then the role of the manager is critical.  Evidence suggests that ’people don’t leave jobs or organisations per se, they leave poor managers’. Today’s manager must not just operate ‘above the green line’ [ref: Margaret Wheatley] and deal with rules, policy, performance, budgets and strategy, but must also be able to build and maintain meaningful and productive relationships with their teams in order to get the best out of them.  Most competitive advantages these days are quickly replicated by your competitors.  The one thing they can’t replicate is how YOU manager your people.  Worforce are considered to be a sustainable competitive advantage.  One that’s difficult to replicate keeping you out in front of the competition.  Perhaps you’re in the public sector and don’t think you don’t have competitors.  Well you do.  You have other businesses and managers competing for your people.

    What impact are you or your Managers having on people at work and the organisations bottom line?

    What impact are you or your Managers having on people at work and the organisations bottom line?


    You can see in the ‘Management Influence’ model shown above the multiplying effect that managers may be having on their staff, the teams performance and ultimately the bottom line.  Incidentally studies have shown that companies with high engagement levels outperformed those that didn’t on three critical factors.

    1. Net Income Growth
    2. Operating Income
    3. Earnings per share

    Something that I try to impress upon all the Managers I’ve worked with is this.  As a Manager, it’s not what you do with your own hands that’s the measure of your success.  It’s what your people are able to do for you.  Liberate yourself from the grinding burden of trying to do it all and harness the energy, potential and enthusiasm of your people and have them working with you instead of against you.

    Below is an outline of the 12 modules that are covered in the program.  Tailoring is also available as an option.

    Mgt Coaching Overview

    Leadership Effectiveness Assessment

    Participate in an online 360 degree psychometric assessment that clearly establishes your effectiveness as a leader.  Useful for leveraging your strengths AND working on skill gaps.Prior to establishing the program goals (which are often done in conjunction with their line manager) participants will complete a psychometric profile that assesses the following leadership characteristics:

    • Self-Management
    • Organisational Capabilities
    • Team Building & Teamwork
    • Problem Solving
    • Sustaining the Vision

    A sample copy of the coaching report is provided for your perusal.  Leadership Coaching Report

    A truly inspirational manager is a rare gift and to lead a high functioning team is a real thrill.  To give you, your team and your organisation the best chance of success invest in a management development program that supports longitudinal learning allowing the participant to to put into practice the theories and models they learn, while still having access to support.

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