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  • Resume Health Check

    Your resume is a critical ingredient in getting you the job you want.  It’s often the first and only chance for you to make an impression.

    first-impression1Writing your resume can be a tricky proposition.  There is a ton of advice out there, much of it conflicting.  The assessment of your resume is highly competitive – I’m getting feedback that in some cases job advertisements are fielding up to 500 applications…. for one position!!  Add into this that many applicants find it all too hard to ‘blow their own trumpet’ and be effective self-promoters.

    I’ve been working in the human resources field for most of my career – well over 15 yrs now.  Much of this time has been spent on the process of helping individuals make informed career choices about what best suits their skills, interests and goals and…  getting THAT job.  I’ve  also sat at all sides of the job getting table:

    - Developed recruitment and selection processes for business – check!
    - Personally managed the selection processes including advertising, shortlisting and interviewing – check!
    - Been a successful applicant myself – check!
    - Coached over 300 people specifically in the pursuit of new roles – check!

    So I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t.

    I am now offering my Resume Health Check service for only $49.95.  For your investment I will personally review your resume and provide a thorough critique.

    “Sean didn’t pull any punches in his review so if you’re just looking for a pat on the back get your Mum to read it!” (S.Whyte)

    I will then compile a comprehensive report (over 10 pages) on it’s strengths and limitations – including specific suggestions on how you can improve your resume.
    Report Evaluation Sections Include:

    • Presentation
    • Personal Details
    • Formatting
    • Spelling and Grammar
    • Content
    • Qualifications and Education
    • Employment History
    • Licences and Accreditations
    • Training and Professional Development
    • Resume /  Content Headings

    Each of these headings has a number of components that I will review and provide you with a score on each to show how well your resume addresses the evaluation criteria.  For instance under Training and Professional Development three of the components are:

    1. Is the information presented relevant to the career path?
    2. Is the information presented relevant to the target role?
    3. Are there too many courses presented?

    Each section then includes some specific comments from me to you on the weak points in your resume and how to fix them.

    It is a very competitive market today, make sure you give yourself every chance by submitting a professional, thorough and yet concise resume.

    Don’t wait – I expect demand to be high in today’s competitive job market.

    FREE TIP:  

    As a reward to reading to the bottom of the page here’s a free tip for you but it comes with a warning….  you may need to completely change the way you have written your resume.

    Your resume is NOT ABOUT YOU.  It needs to demonstrate how you have solved, and therefore will continue to solve, the problems of the reader.  

    Do you know what they are?  I mean REALLY know?  Don’t believe everything you read in a job ad, after all it IS a marketing exercise.

    Resume Health Check

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