• Our weaknesses ARE our strengths?

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    I’ve often said that the other way around, that our strengths are our weaknesses.  Primarily because we tend to overuse our strengths but also because it’s somewhat polarised on the spectrum meaning we could be ignoring our blindspot.

    This past week I’ve been immersed in learning and growing and stretching my brain in a fantastic program run by Matt Church.  During this program we looked at our negative traits (one of mine was procrastination) and then identified the polar opposite.  In this case it was super organised.  Then next step was to re-spin the negative to a more positive aspect.  So I opted for efficient.  A procrastinator has to be efficient because we’ve left so little time to get ‘it’ done.  I realised that I am efficient.  I can get through a huge volume of work in a short amount of time.  So thanks Matt for helping me to discover my new super powers.

    I’ve attached a resource written by David Rendall and found on on exactly this topic.  David has some great observations and ideas about being a freak and why that’s a good thing.  You can download the resource here.


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