Leading Through Transitions

  • Leading Through Transitions

    Leading through Transitions

    A two day workshop for those leading people through organisational transition and change.

    Leaders are constantly challenged with the daunting task of managing ongoing change and transition.  Not only do they need to cope with the structural side (creating a vision, reorganising, and restructuring), but they are also on the front-lines of the people part of change (grieving, letting go, building hope, and learning).

    As a participant in a dynamic two-day workshop leaders will be introduced to the Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel, and will learn what it takes to balance the dynamic tension between six pairs of seemingly paradoxical leadership attributes

    -       Being tough while simultaneously expressing appropriate empathy

    -       Catalysing change while understanding transition

    -       Expressing a sense of urgency while retaining the capacity for realistic patience

    -       Being self-reliant yet trusting others

    -       Radiating both optimism and realism

    -       Capitalising on strengths while fostering the capacity to go against the grain

    Participants will be provided with their own Leading Through Transitions Workbook that will give them the confidence to more clearly assess their impact and learn how to meet the demands of both managing the business and leading their people.   Managing Change Pocketbook cropped

    Program Outline

    • Introductions.
    • Workshop Objectives.
    • Effective and Ineffective Leadership Activity.
    • Introduction to Leading Through Transitions.
    • Timeline Exercise.
    • Life Journey.
    • Essential Principles.
    • Shaping the Grain of Your Learning Patterns.
    • Back-Home Stories.
    • Resiliency: Bouncing Back from Adversity.
    • Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel: Activity and Introduction.
    • Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel.
    • Authentic Leadership Paradox Wheel: Self-Assessment.
    • Taking the Learning Home.
    • Tips for Finding Balance on the Wheel.
    • Applying the Process: Development Planning and Letter Writing.
    • Small Group Consulting on Individual Goals.
    • Follow-On Activities.

    For more information about this program and how we tailor it for your organisation please Contact Us, or alternatively you can email us directly at Sean.Reddell@blazeunlimited.com.au

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