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    The CEO of Japan Airlines, in the World Top Ten for international airlines is perhaps one of the most humble and (in my opinion) exemplary CEO’s of the modern era.  Haruka Nishimatsu is a leader who is modelling the behaviour he expects from his employees.  This is a critical leadership action and one in which many leaders fail.  The reality they project doesn’t match the rhetoric they espouse.  In a difficult economic climate, especially for aviation, the company was required to cut costs.  This meant a reduction in salaries for staff.  Mr Nishimatsu has included himself in the cuts and since 2007 has been earning less than one of their pilots would.  He has also actively not distanced himself from his employees and eats lunch in the company cafeteria, after lining up like everyone else.  So big deal you say?  Well consider this in a culture where their is much reverence afforded to senior  persons from both an age and authority perspective and you start to get a sense of where this guy is coming from.  Apparently he has also removed the walls to his office to make him more accesible to staff and works in an open space with his co-workers.

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    How does your CEO measure up to this fellow?  And more importantly, as a manager or leader…. how do YOU measure up?


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