• Forge new bonds as you clear out the garbage

    Forge new bonds as you clear out the garbage

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    You and I both know it….  Many corporate team-building activities simply don’t succeed.

    Major gripes of traditional approaches included:

    • Not conducted during working hours
    • Managers not participating
    • No clear purpose or intent behind the activity

    In a recent Red Balloon corporate survey it was found that 82% of respondents would be keen to participate in some different activities.

    If you take a look at the ‘Mud Army’ phenomenon that occurred in South East Qld this time last year it’s clear people like to help and are prepared to get their hands dirty to do so.

    Perhaps the next Clean Up for Business Day could be a good opportunity to get your team out, make a difference and get to know one another in a different context.  Last year 337 businesses across Australia took part to help remove more than 16,000 tonnes of rubbish, this year the organisers are hoping for an even better turn out.

    You can view the official website and register your organisation or your team here.



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