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    Crowd-Sourcing is an innovative way designers, entrepreneurs and inventors can get their ideas, products and innovations off the ground.  By removing some of the previous barriers to entry inherently linked to a commercial marketplace it has been incredibly successful all over the world.  Essentially the concept or idea is promoted to potential investors just like you and me.  Not large angel investors who take a significant share of your business in return for a cash injection (and some mentoring sometimes) or banking and other lending institutions who may require onerous application processes and unattainable financials (for a start up inventor).   What happens if your idea flies is that a crowd of supporters pledge, donate or invest relatively small amounts of money to support your project or idea.  www.pozible.com is one such platform linking entrepreneurs with potential investors.  A friend of mine is developing a sexy coffee table book and is using crowd-sourcing as there mechanism to raise funds for their project idea.

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