Coping with Change

  • Coping with Change

    Coping with Change

    A 1 day program for all staff who are experiencing change

    Organisations are constantly changing and the typical human response to change is to perceive it as a threat, which often leads to resistance and compromises the outcomes at a personal, team and organisational level.  This workshop is ideal for those who are being affected by organisational change and transition.Dont Resist Change

    Specific objectives for course participants are:

    • Acknowledge own response to change and identify present thoughts and attitudes about change
    • Identify phases and steps in the personal change process
    • Understand resistance to change
    • Practice effective techniques to work through the change process
    • Develop action plans to commit to change

    Program Outline

    • Introductions
    • Workshop Objectives
    • Bridges Transition Model
    • Covey’s Circles of Influence
    • The four phases of change (Denial, Resistance, Discovery & Acceptance)
    • Developing Resilience and Coping Strategies
    • Transactional Model of Stress and Coping
      • Primary Appraisal SWOT, Risk and Impact Analysis
      • Secondary Appraisal (what can I do about this situation?)
      • Coping Efforts (positive outlook, resilience, maladaptive responses)
    • Develop personal action plan

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