• Being Elmo – a story about purpose

    Being Elmo – a story about purpose

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    I watched a wonderful movie recently.  It’s called Being Elmo, the loveable Sesame St character and is about his puppeteer’s pursuit of his dream.  From an early age in the late 60′s Kevin Clash was hooked on puppets and dreamed of working with his idols on Sesame St.  The story is about more than just him following his purpose but it’s crystal clear he was on purpose and determined to succeed.  It was a timely reminder that behind every success was a whole lot of challenge, persistance and a bucket load of passion.

    In my opinion its rare for people to know their calling so clearly and follow it so determinedly but it’s inspiring to know that it happens and motivates me to continue exploring and testing my purpose.  I hope you watch this movie and use it to reflect on what you’re passionate about and whether you’re ‘on purpose’ or not.

    You can view the preview of the movie here.


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