Are you Engaged at Work?

  • Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is a term used to describe the level of connection, contribution, enjoyment and positive regard for one’s work.  Engaged employees are more likely to perform at higher levels, report more satisfaction with their work, their work relationships and their employer and typically remain with an organisation longer.  Both the employer and the employee benefit from engagement.  Engaged employees are also far more likely to support the aims and objectives of their employer and regularly contribute their ‘discretionary effort’ – that is they go ‘above and beyond’ the baseline requirements of their role.   Furthermore, there is a strong link between levels of employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, and organisational success.

    The impact highly engaged workers can have on an organization is dramatic.  The Gallup Organisation found the following results in organisations with high levels of employee engagement versus those organisations that reported low levels of engagement:

    • 50% higher levels of employee retention.
    • Levels of customer loyalty 56% higher than average.
    • Reported 38% above the average productivity ratings.
    • Returned 27% higher profitability than organizations where employees were not highly engaged.

    If you’ve spent any time on my site you’ll know I’m passionate about driving higher levels of employee engagement in our organisations.  A good starting point when considering either your own or your people’s engagement is to get a baseline of where you’re currently sitting on engagement levels.  Below is an effective assessment you can use to determine a current employee engagement baseline.

    Self Assessment Instrument

    The Gallup Organisation, as a result of an extensive multi-year study involving more than 100,000 employees, in 2,500 functions, and 12 industries, revealed a number of specific workplace conditions that provide a direct link to organisational and employee success.

    Gallup has labeled these factors the Q12.  When present at high levels, the Q12 are the hallmark of an environment where employees can develop and grow.  From this research, Gallup identified the concept of the “engaged workforce”.  In their studies, organisations reporting high performance levels also had high levels of employee engagement.

    Click here to complete your self-assessment.


    Now that you have completed your assessment you may be interested in exploring some definitions and explanations of what the questions were actually measuring.  You can view a short presentation by clicking on the following link:  Q12-Question-Definitions for download


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