• 4 Goals of Organisational Change Management

    4 Goals of Organisational Change Management

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    4 Goals of Organisational Change Management

    People are often confused about exactly what Organisational Change Management (OCM) practitioners do.  Part of the challenge is that any activity involving one group of people tends to be quite different from the same activity involving a different group of people.  The other challenge is that the ‘problem’ we’re addressed to solve varies quite widely.  The outcomes may be reasonably consistent, but the factors preventing their attainment vary significantly.  Then of course there is the variability in terms of approach of the practitioner themselves, based on education, experience, style, industry, personality and the context in which all of this is performed.

    I like to think that the ‘How’ of what we do is our secret juju, but the ‘What’ part of OCM is a great starting point for creating shared understanding.  If you’re interested in the ‘what’ then we can drill into the ‘how’.

    So.  What is it that we do?

    I’m a member of a group of OCM practitioners and they recently convened a meeting overseas which I was unable to attend.  They did post a great summary of proceedings for those members who were distant  (good change support in action there).  In reviewing the outputs, I noticed that among others things the conversation found its way to “What is it that we do?”

    One of the members posted a short video outlining his views on the question.  The resulting table, drawn from his slides, struck me as a great foundation to explain the key goals (or the what we do part) of OCM.

    Good OCM practitioners will support the attainment of the above four goals.  It’s a given that you’re trying to move (change) an organisation from Point A to Point Somewhere Else.  In some cases the end state is clearly defined too.  For instance Point A to Point C.  What’s not a given is how this shift will/can be supported by the people.  I say regularly that people change organisations, not systems or processes.  Sure, they’re a part of it but a group of engaged, committed people will generally outperform state of the art systems and processes.  If the people using those tools are not engaged or committed then the former group will outperform the latter all day every day.  In order to get people engaged and committed they need some questions answered.

    •  ”What’s in it for me?”
    • “Why should I care?”
    • “What should I do?”
    • “How do I do that?”
    • “Who does that?”
    • “What will this come down to in practice?”

    Oh.  And one more tip.  Ask them, don’t tell them.




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