• What else could you be getting wrong??

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    I want to share with you another illusion that demonstrates how our brain and it’s perception can play tricks on us.

    Stare at the black cross in the centre and you should see a green dot rotating around the circle?  What would you say if I told you there is NO GREEN DOT?

    You probably wouldn’t believe me right?  Well it’s true.  Follow the green dot around and you’ll see it was never really there.

    So it makes me wonder, what else do take for granted that might not actually be real?  Learn how to apply these principles into your management style and enjoy the benefits of lower stress, improved resilience, and more effective communication.  You may even find you get more done!


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      Sean is an experienced coach, speaker and facilitator who is passionate about improving the relationship between people, their work and the organisations they work for. If you want to get the most out of your managers, supervisors and their teams and think that work can or should be a rewarding and enjoyable component of a productive and meaningful life it might be worth a chat.

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