• 10 Tips to Improve Resilience

    10 Tips to Improve Resilience

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    Resilience behaviours can be learned.  Here are 10 Tips to help you improve your resilience.


    1. Build Positive Beliefs in your Abilities – self esteem plays an important role in coping with stress and recovering from difficult events.  Focus on your strengths and accomplishments.
    2. Find a Sense of Purpose in your Life – in the face of crisis or tragedy, finding a sense of purpose can play an important role in recovery.
    3. Develop a Strong Social Network – human beings are social animals.  Our survival depended on it and it is still important to have people you can confide in.
    4. Embrace Change – flexibility is an essential part of resilience.  When struggling with change consider whether you’re really in control of it anyway?  Perhaps its better to swim with the current instead of against it.
    5. Be Optimistic – staying positive during dark periods can be difficult, but maintaining a hopeful outlook is an important part of resiliency.  Check out Dr Seligman’s online self-assessments on optimism here.
    6. Nurture Yourself – when you’re stressed it can be all too easy to neglect your own needs, especially when you need it the most.  Make time for activities that you enjoy and that boost your overall health.
    7. Develop your Problem Solving Skills – Experiment with different strategies and focus on developing a logical way to work through common problems.  Practicing problem-solving regularly will better prepare you for the serious problems that may emerge.
    8. Establish Goals – Crisis situations are daunting.  They may even seem insurmountable.   Resilient people are able to view these situations in a realistic way, and then set reasonable goals to deal with the problem.
    9. Take Steps to Solve Problems – sounds intuitive right?  Many people fail to take action to solve a problem and simply ignore it.  Most things will only get worse with this approach.  Even small steps can bring about significant changes.  Do anything, just don’t sit passively.
    10. Keep Working on your Skills – resilience may take time to build so do not become discouraged if you still struggle to cope with problematic events.


    I have been refining my “Building Resilience” workshop over the past 12 months and have successfully delivered it in several organisations to great feedback.  You can find out more about this program here.


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